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Politics & Voting in Basco , Illinois . The Political Climate in Basco , IL is Moderately conservative. Hancock County, IL is Moderately conservative. In Hancock County, IL 23.5% of the people voted Democrat in the last presidential election, 70.5% voted for the Republican Party, and the remaining 6.1% voted Independent. Hancock county voted Republican in the last five Presidential elections. In the last Presidential election, Hancock county remained very strongly Republican, 70.5% to 23.5%. The BestPlaces Liberal/Conservative Index. Basco , IL is Moderately conservative. Hancock County, Illinois

Basco , Illinois . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Village in Illinois , United States. Basco , Illinois . Village. Location of Basco in Hancock County, Illinois . Location of Illinois in the United States. Coordinates: 40°19′40″N 91°11′58″W / 40.32778°N 91.19944°W / 40.32778; -91.19944. Country. United States. State. Illinois . County. Hancock. Basco is a village in Bear Creek Township, Hancock County, Illinois , United States. The population was 98 at the 2010 census.[4]. YouTube Encyclopedic.

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Баско , Иллинойс — Basco , Illinois — Wikipedia. Деревня в Иллинойсе , США. Баско , Иллинойс . Поселок. Расположение Баско в округе Хэнкок, штат Иллинойс . Расположение штата Иллинойс в США. Basco это деревня в Bear Creek Township, Округ Хэнкок, Иллинойс , Соединенные Штаты. Население было 98 при переписи 2010 года.[4]. География. Баско расположен в южно-центральной части округа Хэнкок в. 40 ° 19′40 ″ с.ш. 91 ° 11′58 ″ з.д. / 40,32778 ° с.ш.91,19944 ° з.д. / 40.32778; -91.19944 (40.3278009, -91.1994949).[3] Это 8 миль (13 км) к юго-западу от Карфаген, то округ. Согласно переписи 2010 года, Баско имеет общую площадь 0,22 квадратных миль (0,57 км2).2), вся земля.[5].

Things to do and city guide for Basco , Illinois , United States of America. Basco United States of America. Basco on the world map. Latitude: 40.33. Longitude: -91.20. Population: 96. Read more. Time difference from Basco . Fill out a simple form. America/Chicago Time zone UTC-5.

Macomb, Illinois . 29.5 miles from Basco , IL . This Super 8 has been the site of numerous strange happenings. Witnesses say the lights and air conditioning will turn on and off by themselves, doors will open on their own, and mysterious whistling can be heard. Illinois College, founded in 1829, is rumored to have several haunted buildings. Among them are Sturtevant Hall and Beecher Hall, where folks have reported apparitions, footsteps, and other noises. Beecher Hall, according to campus talk, was formerly a medical building and the top floor was a space for storing cadavers.

Баско , Иллинойс — Basco , Illinois . Из Википедии, свободной энциклопедии. Деревня в Иллинойсе , США. Баско , Иллинойс . Деревня. Расположение Баско в округе Хэнкок, штат Иллинойс . Расположение штата Иллинойс в США.


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